“A surprising approach to Strata management”


Our points of difference…

A fresh and personal service
Greater flexibility
Low management fees
Prompt attention and communication
Established and recognized after hours support
Reputable and fully insured contractors
Regular property inspections
Onsite meetings

Our Values


StrataPoint understand that time can often be our worst enemy, never having enough. Therefore, we provide timely and efficient responses to your enquiries and concerns. For example, when dealing with external contractors on your behalf, we focus on turnaround times and certainty of delivery. We are very selective with the contractors we engage, having utilised the same core group of  experienced and professional tradespeople for years.


StrataPoint provide a level of flexibility that allows responding to the unique needs of each Owners Corporation quickly and proactively. Good communication and prompt assistance are vital to instill confidence and trust in our customers. Our customers rest easy with the knowledge that emergency support and assistance is provided 24 hours a day…. every day of the year!


Our management approach is the result of years of experience and a continued desire to maintain the highest possible service standards. Being SCA accredited, on-going industry training and development ensures we sustain our standard of professionalism across our entire portfolio, regardless of property size. We keep our lot owners updated and informed whenever necessary, building confidence and enjoying a strong working relationship.